Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012


...a term that often evokes turned-up noses... except right after Thanksgiving when they are embraced, and sometimes fought over.

So, to honor the beloved apres-Thanksgiving leftover meals, with their mix of mild gluttony and joy, Blues Moon Radio presents the Blues Leftovers... songs about food and the appliances that help us prepare our fabulous revelatory repasts.

Sit back, savor that last turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, put your feet up, rub your rounded belly, make a wish on the wishbone and enjoy some tasty Blues licks. But first... go wash those hands... didn't your mama teach you anything?

About tonight's music
We'll begin with one of South Carolina's treasures, J. Edwards, growling lovingly about the food at Lulu's House... and finish our tribute to food prep with a song about something one never wants to experience during a holiday food prep: Frigidaire Blues by Sonny Boy Williamson in his slurry, relaxed style.

In between, we'll remind our listeners that not everyone has enough to eat - especially in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy - and encourage them to donate to a legitimate charity that relieves suffering for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ways you can help:
Harvest Hope Food Bank dedicates 98¢ out of every dollar donated to feeding the hungry in our S.C. communities. DONATE. Pennies from you makes a difference for others.

American Red Cross - You can help people affected by disasters — big or small — by making a donation to support American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Finally, we'll tie things up with the inexplicable inclusion of "Don't Worry about the Bear." We hope you will forgive this insider greeting to a long-time Blues Moon Radio supporter who has a birthday coming up soon. We think you will enjoy it, as well as the recipient, but whatever you do... "don't feed the bears." Nothing good ever comes of that.

Don't forget... there is another fine Utopia Blues Jam coming up on Dec. 11th.

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012

J. Edwards - Lulu's House
Peg Leg Howell - Broke and Hungry Blues
Clara Smith - Jelly Jelly, Look What You Done Done
Buster Benton  - Spider in My Stew
B. Brown - Candied Yams
Robert Ward - Potato Soup
Hal Paige and the Wailers - Pour the Corn
Memphis Minnie - Selling My Pork Chops
St. Louis Bessie - Meat Cutter Blues

Featured artist of the week:

Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson bio: http://musicians.allaboutjazz.com/musician.php?id=7946

Willis "Gator" Jackson - Good to the Bone

Blind Blake - Dry Bone Shuffle
Johnnie Taylor - That Bone
Bobby Radcliff/Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters - Bonehead
Eddy Clearwater - Neckbones Everyday
Bobby Charles - Take It Easy Greasy
Blue Lu Barker - Buy Me Some Juice
Tutu Jones - Good Juice
Robert Plunkett - Sweet Tooth
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Pressure Cooker
Bill Perry - Pressure
Little Charlie and the Nightcats - Percolatin'
Sonny Boy Williamson - Frigidaire Blues
Doctor Ross - Don't Worry 'Bout the Bear

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Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

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