Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Nov. 6, 2012

Election day... and we do have a few songs for Blues Moon Radio airplay that tie into politics. Just a few. And oddly, they are all about lying. How can that BE, you ask? It's politics, I answer.

Hope you did your civic duty today and voted. I did. Stood in line for three hours. Glad to live in a country where having a voice and a vote is possible. Best three hours I could have spent. Thank you, beautiful USA!

NOW, for the Blues Moon Radio stuff... playlist time!

But first, let me take a moment to thank the fine folks at Word of Mouth productions for such great work on the 18th Columbia Blues Festival... fantastic lineups (www.wordofmouthproductions.org) and still free. How DO they do it, you ask? With great panache, I answer. And a lot of hard work. LOVE you all.

And what great performers! Yeeps. I was awed.
I don't usually get awed; but I was so awed, I was slack-jawed. :)

So, the songs tonight are in thanks... and they feature guitars (we had powerhouses up on stage):

Roy Carrier - I Want to Thank You
Howard and the White Boys - I Thank You
Grady Champion - Thank You for Giving Me the Blues
Drink Small - Thank You Pretty Baby

Eddie the Chief Clearwater - I Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down
Earl Hooker - Blue Guitar
Dave Myers - Dave's Boogie Guitar
Bex Marshall - Black Guitar
Cotton Blue - Guitar Slinger
Big Bill Broonzy - Guitar Shuffle
Frankie's Blues Mission - When a Guitar Plays the Blues
Peter Lang - Guitar Rag
Roy Buchanan - When a Guitar Plays the Blues (juxtapose style with earlier cover)
Sylvester Weaver - Guitar Rag
B'nois King and Smokin' Joe Kubek - My Guitar

Etta James - Running Out of Lies
The King Bees - Run Your Reputation Down
Victor Wainwright - Big Dog's Runnin' This Town

Possibly more if there is time...

See you on the other side of election day!
No matter who wins office, we all win - just think: no more ads or robo-calls!
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg-Blues Defender

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