Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Blues Moon Radio Playlist and Concert Alert for June 7, 2011

Damon Fowler will be appearing at the White Mule in Columbia, S.C., tomorrow night (June 8, 2011).

Damon Fowler - Tight Rope b/w Happy Hour

Early to mid-June birthday celebrations:
Howlin' Wolf - Three Hundred Pounds of Joy b/w Goin' Down Slow b/w Rockin' the Blues

Mose Vinson - 44 Blues
Memphis Minnie - I'm Goin' Back Home
Jimmy Rogers - Angel Child

Billie and Dee Dee Price - Careless Love
James Harman Band - I'm Lookin' Sharp
Skip James - I Don't Want a Woman to Stay Out All Night Long

Johnny Ace and Big Mama Thornton - Yes, Baby
Boyd Gilmore - Believe I'll Settle Down
Harmonica George (Robinson) - Sad and Blue

Geoff Achison - Interview
Geoff Achison and Randall Bramlett - Rule the World b/w Nobody's Problem
Geoff Achison - Interview (part II)
Geoff Achison and Randall Bramlett - One Ticket, One Ride b/w Jorma's Farm

Tartar and Gay - Brownie Blues
Robert Wilkins - That's No Way to Get Along
Sammy Myers and Elmore James - Look On Yonder Wall

Sammy Lewis and Willie Johnson - So Long Baby, Goodbye
Sam Brooks and Willie Walker - Dupree Blues
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Groovelatin' Acid Blues

Peter Karp and Sue Foley - Rules of Engagement
Papa Lightfoot - Coming Back Home
Michelle Willson and Sugar Ray Norcia - You Got What It Takes

Little Jimmy King - Something Inside of Me
Kid Ramos; Mannish Boys - Johnny Cochino
Jimmie Vaughn and Omar (Kent) Dykes - Hush Hush

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