Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Blues Moon Radio Show tonight - January 4, 2011

Hey, Blues fans!

Had a family crisis that - although it has turned out okay - is going to prevent me from being able to get up to the station for my show tonight...

... so, don't panic... reach for your old crackly vinyl - or better yet... 78s! - and spin a few platters yourself until I can get back in the studio and provide you with my usual level of fine service that we at Blues Moon Radio attempt to bring you each week.

And if you don't have a turntable, I heard on Facebook that Bed Bath and Beyond is selling USB turntables for under 30 bucks - don't forget your coupons!

If all else fails, there is always your faithful MP3 player...

My apologies for missing tonight - and I promise next week will be jam-packed with fabulous faves and a special treat: an interview with the lovely and always upbeat Toni Spearman!

Best to you... may you and your family stay safe, healthy and happy.
Clair DeLune
Blues Moon Radio

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