Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blues Moon Radio Show Dec 7, 2010 Interviews and Holiday songs!

Tonight's show on Blues Moon Radio will feature several things: a tribute to a day that will live in infamy (salute to WWII vets); interviews with Taylor Moore and Jay Gaunt and ... wait for it... the HOLIDAY music show! I'd better start wrapping up songs with a bow!

AND... it's a three hour show (no, we're not taking the Minnow, Gilligan).

Playlist to follow...

Tune in 6-9 at http://www.wusc.sc.edu/

Playlist will be updated as the show progresses - so refresh your screen regularly between 6-9 to access the updates:

Lightnin' Hopkins - Dec. 7, 1941

Interview with Taylor Moore
Christmas in Jail by the Youngsters (referenced in the interview)
Carolina Winter - Taylor Moore
(If You're Gonna Do It) Do It Right - Taylor Moore

Interview with Jay Gaunt
Greensleeves by Jay Gaunt
Rattlesnake Shake by Jay Gaunt (vocals by Victor Wainwright)

Holiday music follows - and perhaps we'll play some of our local Blues musicians in the last hour... don't forget, we'll be on until nine p.m. tonight!

Blind Lemon Jefferson - Christmas Eve Blues
B.B. King - Celebrate Christmas
Charles Brown - Merry Christmas Baby
Lowell Fulson - I Wanna Spend Christmas with You

Jimmy McCracklin - Christmas Time - Pt. 1
Canned Heat - Christmas Blues
Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women - One Parent Christmas

Season's greetings... (or for you chefs... greeting the seasonings!)
clair delune

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