Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blues Moon Radio playlist for June 29, 2010

Blues Moon Playlist June 29, 2010

Welcome to tonight's show... the playlist will be updated during the show, so refresh regularly between the hours of 6-9 on Tuesday... 

Sorry to have taken a "sick" day last week... y'all can "dock my pay..." :) but I know you won't!

And we'll do the featured artist of last week this week.  

The big news (for me, anyway) is that tonight marks the end of my 20th year and the start of my third decade at WUSC doing the Blues Moon radio show. I've got a long list of folks to thank, but you know who you are (everyone through the years at USC and WUSC included)... it's been amazing and I hope I live long enough to celebrate my billionth second as host (somewhere in year 32) as well as my 33&1/3rd anniversary (that would be an all LP records show, of course!) ... and more ideas for fun.

But for now... sit back, dry off (from the rain, or just being outside) and put your feet up - let me take you through some great music this evening. 

Featured artist of the week is Ella Johnson, Darlington SC native, who was born 6/22 - either in 1917 or 1923. We'll kick off the show with two of her burners... one of which was recorded with her brother's band in New York City.

Ella Johnson - It Used to Hurt Me
Ella Johnson and Buddy Johnson – Please Mr. Johnson
Willie Dixon - I Do the Job
Howard and the White Boys - All Work and No Play

Peetie Wheatstraw - Working on the Project
Larry Davis - I'm Workin' on It
Blind Boy Fuller - Working Man Blues
Big Joe Turner - I Got My Discharge Papers

Rev. Gary Davis - Soon My Work Will Be All Done
Lou Ann Barton - You'll Lose a Good Thing
Sue Foley - But I Forgive You

Little Charlie and the Nightcats - Got to Have a Job
Ramblin' Thomas - No Job Blues
Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy - A Job for a Jockey
Little Joe Blue - Dirty Work Going On

Nicole Hart - I Just Want to Cry
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Don't Cry Sister
Willie Hayden - Let Me Cry
Magic Slim and the Teardrops - Cryin' Won't Let You Stay
Louis Jordan - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying

Violet Hall - (All Alone) I Sit and Cry
Kip Anderson - I Will Cry
Etta and Harvey - My Heart Cries

Red Prysock - Crying My Heart Out
Jimmy McCracklin - Tired of Cryin'
Martha Carter - I'm Through Crying
Big Maybelle - I Won't Cry Anymore

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - If I Get Lucky
Silas Hogan - Just Give Me a Chance
Joe Simon - Let's Do It Over
Michael Burks - One More Chance
George "Harmonica" Smith - Last Chance
Cannon's Jug Stompers - Last Chance Blues

Guitar Welch - Bad Luck Blues
Roy Brown - Hard Luck Blues
Memphis Minnie - I'm a Bad Luck Woman

Blind Lemon Jefferson - Change My Luck Blues
Eddie Shaw and the Wolf Gang - Out of Bad Luck
Charles Brown - I'm Just a Lucky So and So
Ed Lewis - Lucky Holler
Hattie Hudson - Doggone My Good Luck Soul
Fannie Brewer - I Shall Overcome

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Everything Going to be Alright
Big Maybelle - I'm Getting 'Long Alright

And because it mentions June 29th, I'm finishing off with
Troyce Key - New Car

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