Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blues Moon Radio Show Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good evening... and thanks for tuning in for another edition of the Blues Moon with Clair DeLune radio show.

Tonight's theme is "Pick, Boogie, Stomp, Rag and Drag" and we'll start tonight's show at 6 p.m. by "pickin'" on these pickers...

I chose Bull City Red for my friends and listeners in the very fine city, Durham, N.C., the BULL CITY, where many Piedmont pickers lived (such as Bull City Red and the reknowned Blind Boy Fuller).
Bull City Red - Pick and Shovel Blues
Luke Jordan - Pick Poor Robin Clean
Robert Petway - Cotton Pickin' Blues

Since cotton was King in South Carolina, we'll transition from Cotton Pickin' Blues to South Carolina Boogie with Bishopville's and Columbia's own legendary "Blues Doctor," the beloved Drink Small...

Drink Small - South Carolina Boogie
Elmore James - Hawaiian Boogie
John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen'

From John Lee Hooker's Boogie Chillen' to Big Joe Turner's Boogie Woogie Country Girl seemed like a natural transition... oh, how them chillen grow up fast!

Big Joe Turner - Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Underhand Boogie
Studebaker John - Boogie Walk
Albert Ammons - Boogie Woogie Stomp

As both a Boogie Woogie and a Stomp, Albert Ammons' song seemed like the perfect transition from one to the next and Gate's Okie Dokie Stomp is a classic.

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Okie Dokie Stomp
Chicken Wilson and Skeeter Hinton - Myrtle Avenue Stomp
Henry Thomas - Old Country Stomp (and brief interview)

Henry Thomas, master of the panpipes, in an interview with 1960s Blues researcher and British DJ, Paul Oliver, as he provides insights on his views of life and music, which leads us from country to county and the workhouse (aka: prison) Blues of Hambone Willie Newbern.

Sam Butler - Jefferson County Blues
Hambone Willie Newbern - Shelby County Workhouse Blues
Gwen Foster - Wilkes County Blues

I have not done research on that particular song, but it would seem from its Piedmont tonality that Foster must be referring to Wilkes County, N.C. And since jail can take you from riches to rags... we have some rags lined up for your enjoyment.

David Honeyboy Edwards - Tear It Down Rag
Sylvester Weaver - Guitar Rag
Chicken Wilson and Skeeter Hinton - D.C. Rag
Big Bill Broonzy - W.P.A. Rag
Bessie Smith - Alexander's Ragtime Band

There's a lot more raggin' I could do, but I'll save some for another day (fill in your own joke here). :)
Now... from Raggin' to Taggin'...  and, by the way, "Tag... you're it!"
Jerry "Boogie" McCain - Ting-Tang-Tagalu
Little Charlie and the Nightcats - Tag (You're It)
Matt Walsh - The Way You Drag Me Down

Aw.. what a drag... this week's show is over.

Don't forget to catch the great shows Mac Arnold is putting on this week in Asheville, Charlotte and Greenville featuring Mac's band along with Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Drink Small and others... http://www.macarnold.com/collard_fest.html for details.

And Hill Country Harmonica Festival is coming up in Mississippi in May... all you harp fans be sure to check out the Web info... http://www.hillcountryharmonica.com/home.html

As always, thanks for listening and for your kind comments via e-mail and Facebook. Keep in touch!
Your Blues pal and dj...
Clair DeLune

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