Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blues Music reviews Oct. 27, 2009

New releases from Blind Pig Records

Coco Montoya - The Essential Coco Montoya (Blind Pig Records)
A compilation of cuts from earlier in Montoya's career. Well-worth reprising in a collection, Montoya has a range of styles that keeps the listener moving through a range of emotions. Montoya's expressive guitar work is mixed with aspects of power-rock - on Sending Me Angels, it pulls the heart like violin strings can. Blusier cuts feature good vocals with a bit of a growl, as on Monkey See, Monkey Do. Hip-grinding numbers like Do What You Want to Do will make you believe you've had one too many at the bar, even if you listen to this stone-cold sober. Great release for any occasion - you'll find a lot to like from this artist.

Best cuts: #2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10

Damon Fowler - Sugar Shack (Blind Pig Records)
http://www.damonfowler.com/music.htm (for samples of songs)

Good finger-pickin' and slide guitar on this CD, the first on Blind Pig for this band from Tampa, Florida. Influences are very true to the Delta, with some fine playing. Vocals are clean and pure, and of a higher pitch than downhome or Chicago Bluesmen, but he encompasses a wide range of tempos and styles. Three covers, including the country-rock Third Rate Romance are included, but the best work here are the original cuts.

Best: 1, 3, 4, 6

Roy Rogers - Split Decision (Blind Pig Records)

No split decision here... Split Decision is an amazing mix of Blues and Americana music that runs the gamut of intensity to sweet romance. Imminently listenable all the way through, the artistry is gritty and elegant. Featuring jazzy tracks, such as Rite of Passage, Rogers explores unusual routes for his rootsy music - acoustic, electric; divine, earthy. Much like viewing breathtaking scenery on side roads when one is used to the rapid pace of Interstate travel, Rogers' latest CD is a virtual tour for the ear with tempos and styles in a heavenly olio - even within cuts.

Best: All are great!

Reviewed by Clair DeLune, Blues Moon Radio Productions Oct. 27, 2009

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