Friday, April 18, 2008

Sean Costello, RIP

Another blow to the Blues community Tuesday when firebrand guitarist and gritty singer Sean Costello passed away April 15, 2008 -- just one day before his 29th birthday.

His record label, Delta Groove, issued the following statement:
"Sean was not only a member of the Delta Groove musical family, he was also a friend, and words cannot express the sorrow we feel at having to say goodbye so soon. As blues music fans, we unfortunately grow somewhat accustomed to the sadness of the inevitable passing of musical elders after long and fruitful careers.

"Losing someone as young, vibrant, and talented as Sean, who had accomplished so much in just a few short years and still had so much potential, is a terribly difficult blow, not only to those who knew him personally, but for the music community as a whole.

"He had been unanimously praised as one of the main torch-bearers of the blues flame for the coming generations, and now that potential will go sadly unfulfilled."

Our hearts go out to his loved ones.

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