Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hello! I'm probably the last media person on Earth to begin blogging... and I've been aware I need to, but I've just been so darned busy... work, the show, training horses and getting a new dog after Claudette - sweet pet - the love of my life, died.

Well... on to cheerier subjects... I plan to post information about shows here as well as reviews of new Blues music and items of interest to Blues lovers. I hope this will blossom out into a full-blown educational site about Blues music.

When I taught Blues History at USC, my students were very interested in the day-to-day lives of Bluesmen and women, so I hope to have many interviews with artists available in the coming months.

I welcome everyone to tune into the show... it is currently on the air at 90.5 FM & HD1 Columbia; we stream over the Internet at http://wusc.sc.edu (follow the links to the connection and be sure you have the necessary software to download it). You can get it anywhere in the world...

... Each Tuesday is "Bluesday" from eight until late Eastern Time - Atlanta, USA (8-10 p.m.).

And my e-mail is bluesgoddess@gmail.com (my fellow dj's gave me that nickname).

The photo is of me and beloved Claudette, the Blues Doggess... :) she's gone, but Rockington J. Squirrel (who is her twin) is keeping me supplied with someone to pet.

Stay Blues!

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