Friday, March 27, 2015

Special guest host, Ethnomusicologist Doug Peach, on Blues Moon Radio - playlist for March 31, 2015

We have much great music to cover on this Tuesday's Blues Moon Radio show...

... We have a very special guest host, Doug Peach, of the Folklife division at the University of South Carolina's McKissick Museum and who also represents the South Carolina Arts Commission - both very fine institutions, and I'm sure it has been said before, but Doug is a real peach and so smart about roots music.

We're glad to have him on air with us to share info about two Native American groups that come from Blues and Gospel influences.

Dark Water Rising and Lakota John and Kin, two Native American musical acts will perform April 3, 2015 at McKissick, so we're pleased to give listeners of Blues Moon Radio a preview of these talented artists' music. McKissick also has an exhibit of Native American art ongoing through July, so be sure to see that as well as the concert.

Because Charly Lowry of Dark Water Rising has a gospel background, we'll kick off with a few gospel numbers that have to do with Easter, then we'll play a few of those groups' influences, including Jesse Fuller, Etta James and Robert Johnson, and talk a bit about how they were influenced by them, and about their music, then we'll let you listen a few songs by each group. For many of you, it will be your first time to hear these groups. Doug has given us a platform and background to inform our awareness of their work. We're so glad to have him join us on Blues Moon Radio!

When we wrap up our focus on those groups and their influences we'll have a little time left. Because of the upcoming holidays we'll circle back to the Spring theme and celebrate things that spring forth this time of year, including rabbits, jelly beans and green grass. Finally, we'll tidy up Women's History Month with songs about women by men. I mean, they had to get a word in edgewise SOMEtime this month, right? We love our menfolk and cannot wait to hear what they have to say.

I found a song called Netta Mae, then virtually the same song entitled Nellie Mae by a different singer. Interesting to compare and contrast.

Hope you will tune in on Tuesday evening from 6-8, so don't be late! (6 p.m. EDT, USA and -5 GMT - if you are on daylight savings, if not you have to figure out how to adjust that time - whoa - I cannot make my head go there!). We're on the same time frame as Atlanta GA and NYC/USA. Hope that helps!

See you at - stream it there or at iTunes/college and university/WUSC
Clair and Rocky and special guest host, Doug Peach (SC Folklife and Traditional Arts Program Coordinator, 777-7707,

Playlist below:

Our artist of the millennium, Drink Small, the Blues Doctor, will sing Charleston Women for us to close the show ... we think that will be a very full evening of music, so don't miss a moment of the misses and misters!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - Women in Blues

Welcome to Blues Moon Radio for our Women in Blues tribute:

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - Women in Blues

We've included some names you know, some you might not and some we can't get too much info on, but to have their music is something special. We extended the offer on our Facebook page at Blues Moon Radio to request an artist and we were happy to oblige so many nice requests...

Women in Blues from A-to-Z (minus X) will air live Tuesday, March 24th from 6-8 p.m. at WUSC-FM and HD-1 Columbia - and streams at - we hope you enjoy the show!

A- Alberta Hunter – You Can Have My Man if He Comes to See You Too
B- Bessie Smith – Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
C- Clara Smith – Sobbin’ Sister Blues
D- Baby Dee – Baby Dee Blues
E- Eden Brent – Let’s Boogie Woogie
F- Ella Fitzgerald – He’s My Guy
G- Georgia White – The Blues Ain’t Nothin’ But…
H- Chippie Hill – Lowland Blues
I- Ida Cox – One Hour Mama
J- Jessie Mae Hemphill – Streamline Train
K- Kansas Katie – Deep Sea Diver
L- Rosie Ledet – Zydeco for a Living
M- Memphis Minnie – In My Girlish Days
N- Tracy Nelson – Every Night of the Week
O- Odetta – Yonder Comes the Blues
P- Esther Phillips – Sit Back Down
Q- Queen Ida and her Zydeco Band – Mal d’Amour
R- Ma Rainey – See See Rider Blues
S-Streamline Mae – Romance in the Dark
T- Beulah Thomas (Sippie Wallace) – Women Be Wise (by request of Alison May Klein)
U- Una Mae Carlisle and Her Jam Band – I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby
V- Varetta Dillard – Easy Easy Baby
W- Shelley Waters – I’ll Tell You What
X-cuse that there is no one with a name starting with “X” – sorry!
Y- Yas Yas Girl – Good Old Easy Street
Z- Zilla Mayes – (Please Don’t Give None of) My Good Love Away

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, March 17, 2015 "Green Blues"

We're glad to be back on the air this week after a much-needed Spring Break respite when the University students were off on adventures and the studio was closed outside of business hours - but we used the time wisely to meet our "cover deadline" for the upcoming history of South Carolina Blues book - to be published this fall by Arcadia Press.

We are indebted to the fine folks at South Caroliniana Library and the Moving Image Resource Collections staff who helped us capture a "new" photograph for the cover from a 1926 reel of MovieTone News footage. Remarkable technology - and what they are doing to preserve valuable culturally iconic images on film is commendable. So pleased to have had these amazing Gamecocks on my team!

Now, we are back on the air on St. Patrick's Day and "The Blues" has a tinge of green tonight. We'll play our green-based Blues; then finish up with music that we didn't have time for on our fundraiser show from March 3.

Next week, we'll pay tribute to the fabulous Women of Blues for Women's History Month.

Tonight's Green Blues listings follow, and you can track the addenda from 3/3 on the previous post.

"Look, Ma! Hardy any snakes left!"
"Hush, Paddy, and don't speak a word until you kin tell me you are done wit'tha job, Boy-o."

and for you Monty Python fans... "There isn't much snake in it!"

Your Blues pals and hosts of Blues Moon Radio,
Clair and RockyDawg, Blues Defender


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, March 3, 2015: station FUNdraiser - ROAD TRIP!

Tonight, on WUSC's longest running show and the longest running Blues program in several states, we'll take a Road Trip to celebrate our semi-annual fundraiser.

We are a listener-supported educational station and your contributions help keep the shows you love on the air. You may donate online, using our secure University of South Carolina server, or call the show and pledge a check. If you do the latter, I'll know you gave, the station will know you support Blues programming and ... I'll toss in a little something special to add to your thank you package for those who are among the top donors of the day.

Telephone between 6-8 p.m. at 803-576-9872.

Tune in at 90.5 FM, HD-1 Columbia, or via the stream at: (and you may donate online by following the links there, too).

Tonight's show has the theme of ROAD TRIP, and where better to go than down through Mississippi, back up to Memphis, over to St. Louis, Chicago and Detroit? Our famous Blues singers from those areas have graced us with songs about travel - aren't they amazing?

Next, depending on how much time we have left, we'll dip back down on a fast-moving freight (might be carrying Pontiacs or Cadillacs) to Louisiana and hop another line to Texas... if we don't finish tonight, we'll rest up and continue our virtual trip next Tuesday...

All aboard!

Playlists below:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Mardi Gras Tuesday, 2/17/2015

Laissez Bon Temps Roulez, ma chere!

I'm on a book deadline, so barely have time to do the show, much less post... so thank heavens you all know what to do on Mardi Gras... celebrate, because tomorrow you must repent for Lent... or just celebrate and leave the repentance to me - I will do enough for both of us!

Lots to celebrate... and we got some lovely requests over on my Facebook page (BluesMoonRadio).

Here is a playlist containing those requests, followed by our delayed Valentine from our Artist of the Year, Drink Small with "I'm in Love with a Grandma"...

Tune in from 6-8 p.m. tonight (Tuesday is Bluesday) at and follow the prompts to "listen"...

Bon chance!
Clair and RockyDawg -

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist
 Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015

Tonight we will play some requests (got close, if not exact matches... thanks for the suggestions!).

Next: we are referencing RockyDawg, Blues Defender's failed attempt to get on the swim team ... thank goodness he's still with us.

And then, "hearts go out" ... with a Valentine set, ending with Hard Hearted Hannah, the Vamp of Savannah.

Finally, we'll try again to play last week's Groundhog redux show... in a redux of a redux...
...which is SO groundhog-ish. IF the technology Gods smile upon us... 

We won't fit all of these in, but we'll pick from them. Tune in Tuesday from 6-8 to hear which cuts "make the cut!"

Check the Blues Moon Radio Facebook page to find out about great concerts on the horizon in the region.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 (Groundhog Day... ahem, again!)

Blues Moon Radio Playlist
Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015
(Groundhog Day... ahem, again!)

Yes, we are revisiting Groundhog Day - in the hope that Phil or another beloved rodent will predict something other than six more weeks of winter... perhaps six more weeks of basketball? I think that's a pretty sure bet.

So, we'll do a little snowy weather, then a TON of Groundhog songs (cannot believe I have that many - so just wanted to share... even the cover versions); then we'll segue into all things spring - rain, flowers, and other spring things. Then, because it is our rainy season here in Sunny South Carolina, more rain songs.

We won't have time for all of this, but... we can always flood (yep, I went there) into next week's playlist. We had a devil of a time finishing last week, and there are some leftovers there, too... but no idea when we'll pick those back up.

Tonight's debut new music is from Kubek and King - Fat Man's Shine Parlor on Blind Pig Records. Such nice folks ... since we are on a watery flood theme, we'll select "River of Whiskey." Read more about the release and find artist bio on the Internet at:
and at: 

Don't forget, our locally-owned record store has the best Blues selection around and if they ain't got it, they'll go out and (try to) get it... and they rarely cannot find a recording that is on the market. So remember to check out Papa Jazz Record Shoppe in Five Points of Columbia SC...

Blues Moon Radio is brought to you in part by Papa Jazz and we are proud to be associated with this fine group of audiophiles.

As we do each week, we will also pay tribute to S.C.'s Ambassador of the Blues, Drink Small, the Blues Doctor with two songs:

Here are tonight's playlists - we won't have time to play them all, but we'll pick and choose.from these lists.

Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enjoy your belated groundhog day show...
Enj... and so forth.

Is it just me or are the months getting shorter?
Ba-dum-pum. Sorry. I'll stop.
Soon... I promise.

Thanks for tuning in, y'all,
Clair and RockyDawg