Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for June 23, 2015 - Charleston Strong - Embrace Warmly

This week has been extremely heartbreaking for South Carolina. The massacre of good people in worship at a historic church in Charleston has been shocking, and yet the spirit of the people who believe in good vs. evil and love vs. hate has not been -- and cannot be -- daunted.

If a young man who commited such a crime because he wanted a "race war" to ensue, he not only will fail at that, it is my hope the complete opposite will transpire - making those who were "on the fence" see the light and reach out with understanding. The families of those who perished in this senseless crime began by offering their forgiveness.

I'm calling on the #CharlestonStrong community to start an "EMBRACE WARMLY" movement to reach out with your mind open and your arms wide to people who "seem" different from you - embrace your fellow man/woman - in fact, be good to all the earth's sentient beings. If you look, you can find that "race war" is inside the words. But when we wrap it with a warm embrace, it becomes "embrace warmly" -- the polar opposite of what evil intended to achieve. Good wins out.

Below are some songs that I believe fit the indominitable spirits of our state's citizens as we move past these tragic events... remembering that we are only one race: the Human Race... and we can do better.

This show is my tribute ... given in sorrow and mixed with love and hope for a better day to come... because I believe it is coming. Good will win over evil, despite the fact that evil gets some nasty licks in first.

Stay strong and be good to yourselves and others. We ALL matter.
Clair DeLune

Blues Moon Radio playlist for June 16, 2015 - Blues from Z to A

Tonight, we're turning the tables on the Blues alphabet:

Sorry - technical difficulties - we'll try to post this playlist again soon.

Blues Moon Radio features Drink Small, the NEA's newest Heritage Fellow for 2015 on 6/9/15

It is with great pride and pleasure that Blues Moon Radio announces it's "Artist of the Millennium" has received the highest cultural honor offered by the United States of America. 

Thank you from the heart to the fine folks at the National Endowment of the Arts for selecting Drink Small, the Blues Doctor, as one of this year's Heritage Fellows (2015).

Blues Moon also wishes to thank the other strong supporters of this cultural treasure - those who have worked hard to nominate and support his nomination for this wonderful, and well-deserved, award.

I thank you, and Drink and Drina Small thank you - and send you blessings and love.

Our show tonight features South Carolina - Drink and some others who are making appearances this week. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blues Moon Radio presents L.A. Blues, Pt. 2; Doctor Doctor and Lyme Disease Blues June 2, 1015

Blues Moon Radio 
L.A. Blues, Pt. 2; 
Doctor Doctor Doctor and Lyme Disease Blues 
June 2, 1015

Brought to you each week by:

We'll complete the playlist we started last week, featuring music from artists who were/are associated with Los Angeles.

Then we'll pay a tribute to a dear friend whom we lost last week - a healer and kind soul who supported others with all his heart.

Another doctor, Drink Small (the Blues Doctor) will treat us to a couple of songs, then we'll talk about a fundraising effort for a South Carolina musician (who has Chicago connections) who is suffering debilitating effects from Lyme Disease. We've invited an expert in acute disease  epidemiology (they are the folks who study disease transmission and prevention) to tell us the recommended ways to lessen your risk from tick-borne diseases.

Our hearts go out to the friends, family and the brand new bride of Steve Jones, D.C., who is now with the angels, having been one here on earth for a lot of people. He helped Drink Small play again... and was a dear friend to us. He will be dearly missed.

Those who wish to may contribute to help defray the medical costs not covered by insurance for Will Salley at the Web page: www.willsalley.com (then click on WillStock).

You can find information about Lyme Disease at:
www.scdhec.gov on their Lyme disease page
and from

Next week, we hope to have some amazingly wonderful news to announce - y'all stay tuned and be good to one another in both small and large ways... please?

And when you stop by Papa Jazz... tell them you enjoy the show! Help great music continue to stream from the Midlands by supporting those who support us. We thank you!

Our playlists for the evening: (we'll start with Cut #4)

Love and light,
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blues Moon Radio - Los Angeles Influences May 26, 2015

West Coast... Los Angeles... Hollywood... you don't think "Blues" right off the bat (movies, actors, celebrities come to mind), do you? But, a fan of the show and music aficionado got me to thinking about putting the focus on LA Blues, so I looked into that and was surprised to find so many connections.

It was quite a festive romp through the research to find some artists with connections to L.A. - they might have been born there, raised there, moved there late in life, started a record company there, or... died there.

We'll start with some who were born or raised, and then those who moved there or had significant career highlights there. We've got far too many for one show (in three hours of research, I followed up on 500 links out of a possible 12,200 - so yeah... more material than one show can hold).

So perhaps we'll cycle back next week and finish. Here are the possible picks for tonight's show (note that we always play Drink Small, our artist of the Millennium; and we're promoting Skipp Pearson's CD release party Thursday night - check out his page for more information).

Blues Moon Radio is brought to you by the many supportive listeners of great Blues music on WUSC, and is made possible in large part thanks to the support of the fine folks at Papa Jazz Record Shoppe in Columbia, S.C. who help audiophiles all over the world locate hard-to-find music.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist Tuesday May 12, 2015 - Mama's Love and Mothers' Lore

It's true what they say - no one gets here without a mother of some sort (at least not quite yet).

Mothers are probably the most revered creatures in the world (yes, more than Facebook kitteh videos).

And for you who are presently mothers - blessings upon you! This show is especially for YOU!

I'm also paying tribute here to mine, who was one of the sweetest, savviest, kindest and most self-sacrificing people in the world. She was also tremendously festive.

Here is a collection of songs with Mama in the title (my Mother will forgive me - she liked to be called Mommie or Mother, never Mama) followed by some with Mother in the title (many fewer of those, but there are some). And then a compilation of qualities that mothers try to instill (or should) in their young.

Now, keep in mind, the titles are the tribute - with the double-meaning of Mama/girlfriend, we're not saying anything in the lyrics apply. They might, but ... don't count on that in a Blues song.

For everyone who has a Mama - call every day, visit often and HUG a lot!

For those who don't... remember, they want the best for you - happiness, and for you to bring goodness and value into your life and the world.

Now go make your Mama proud, y'all!

Clair DeLune and RockyDawg Blues Defender

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blues Moon Radio for Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tonight's show will feature a few special segments...

One denotes the hard times and trouble folks can go through - I'm calling it "Broke Hard Mountain."

Another highlights and sends our love to Riley (Blues Boy) King who was put in hospice care this week.

Yet another highlights some of our Carolina talent - focusing on Charleston and the Coast.

Clair DeLune and the amazing RockyDawg, Blues Defender